Marriage preparation in English

Vrijdag 26 Augustus 2016 - 10:27:55

A wedding is one day;
a marriage is a lifetime

Preparation to begin a life together as a married couple is a wonderful time of planning your wedding: the flowers, the gown, the reception, music, the guests and the honeymoon. Yet, a wedding is just a one-day celebrating your commitment to stay together for the rest of your lives. As you are growing together, alongside with your wedding preparation, it is crucial to spend some time together talking through your visions and expectations of marriage, as well as to prepare yourselves for the unexpected important issues of your common life. Although, as you probably have already discovered, you have much in common, yet you are two separate individuals with different personalities, experiences, (cultural) backgrounds, hopes and fears.

The University Parish International Community offers marriage preparation in English, usually as part of a group with other couples, giving you as a couple an opportunity to discover each other more deeply, to think through possible areas of difficulty and how to handle them as a couple. The course is conducted by a married couple, with the participation of a priest when necessary. The course is designed around 6 to 10 meetings (depending on the needs and wishes of a couple); with the frequency of one meeting per week, so that the couple has some time to reflect, digest and experience the discussed topics. The couple is free to select the topics which they consider relevant to them out of 20 proposed themes.

The course is informative, but does not use the lecture format. The preparation is rather oriented toward exploratory and thought-provoking discussions. As the discussions usually carry an intimate character, the information shared during the course remains strictly confidential. Alongside many themes of a psychological and theological nature, upon your request practical help is offered regarding the preparation of the documents (in case your wedding takes place in another parish/country), selection of the readings for your wedding ceremony etc.

Topics offered during the MP course might include:

  • The marriage bond
  • Biblical models of marriage
  • Keeping one’s own identity while becoming one. Privacy
  • Commitment and fidelity
  • Relationships with the others. Jealousy
  • Conflict resolution. Rules for a good fight
  • Children and Parenthood
  • Marriage and extended family


Fr Reimund Bieringer
Maryana Hnyp – Yuriy Medvid
Website: University Parish International Community (UPIC)

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
University Parish International Community
St. Mary and St. Martha of Bethany
Justus Lipsius College
Minderbroedersstraat 15
B-3000 Leuven

Useful books for couples contemplating marriage:

Jack DOMINIAN, Dynamics of Marriage: Love, Sex, and Growth from a Christian Perspective, New London CT: Twenty Third Publications, 1993.

Howard J. MARKMAN, Scott M. STANLEY, Susan L. BLUMBERG, Fighting for Your Marriage: Positive Steps for Preventing Divorce and Preserving Lasting Love, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 1994.

Andrew BODY, Growing Together: A Guide for Couples Getting Married, London: Church House Publishing, 2005.



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